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In an effort to create an effective sales conversion funnel, the B1G1 team proposed to pursue a campaign called “12 Steps to Become a Business for Good.” I came in to this project to work on the branding, promotion, and actual execution of the campaign contents.

With the marketing team, we renamed and promoted the initiative as B1G1 Guest program, a trial program designed to nurture marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads by exposing registrants to various elements of the B1G1 membership.

I analysed data and surveys from existing members to determine the top-valued membership features. I then reorganized the program contents to release the features in a guided way that would maximise conversions. I prepared both drip-email automation as well as a paginated roadmap to encourage registrants to sign in quickly and complete their first giving, as we found conversion rates were higher from people who signed in and gave within 2 days of registering for the program. I also planned the paid promotion for this initiative. From analysis of the initiative results, the B1G1 Guest Program paved way and evolved into to the more effective B1G1 Giving Plan initiative, which I also oversaw.