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I managed the social media content calendar and strategy for B1G1 over the period of Mar 2016 to Mar 2018. I planned the strategic content that got promoted across their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram social media channels, as well as occasionally Pinterest, and Medium channels.

Here are the company’s social media channels that I mainly focused on.

In conjunction with the social media calendar, I also had to create and manage the actual content that was being distributed. I hence also managed the blog contents strategy and promotion calendar, as well as the video production schedule and strategy. I categorized the type of blogs and videos the company should be producing, did research on story angles keywords and target audiences for each type of content, decided the best timing to promote a good diversity of different types of contents, then engaged with outsourcers to ensure the timely creation of each content.

In some instances, I had to finish up the content production myself by putting together production scripts for videos, editing, and writing accompanying blogposts.

With a steady social media schedule in place, B1G1 could regularly post of relevant content to keep its audience engaged. We also could analyse the engagement performance of postings to determine the best content type and timing to post.

As a side project, I worked with the branding team from Oliver Russell to redesign the B1G1 website, in order to present a more structured and clear messaging across to visitors (about what B1G1 is about), and to more efficiently lead people to the final call-to-action to join B1G1 as a member. The new website reduced the number of enquiries asking “so how does B1G1 work?” and resulted in an increase in average online sign-ups by 16% from previous years.