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I was involved in the management of 3 separate Business for Good Conferences:

  1. The first Business for Good Conference in Bali 2016
  2. Business for Good Conference – Miami 2017
  3. Business for Good Conference – Birmingham 2017

The first conference in Bali was the very first conference that B1G1 organised for its members from around the world. I was mainly in charge of organising the Giving Auction. With no reference for how an auction should be run, I devised my own organisational plan, created documents and processes for the team to follow, and created workflow schedules to guide each team member. The auction turned out to be a smooth sailing and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

When the second conference rolled around the following year, I was placed overall in-charge of organising the Miami conference, as well as secondary in-charge of the Birmingham conference which was to happen over two consecutive weekends.

I took over the liaison with the venue to arrange meal and rooming plans, I coordinated with speakers to collate their logistics and arrange their speaking times, and I facilitated the additional conference activities including the Giving Auction, the Awards Ceremony, ice-breaking mass painting activity, and a giving interactive treasure hunt. For each additional activity, I planned the operations and processes required to successfully carry out the activity, before being the final facilitator guiding participants along each activity.

When it came to the Birmingham conference, the teammate who was in-charge of organising all logistics for the event suddenly fell sick and could not attend the conference, resulting in me becoming the overall in-charge of facilitating all programmes at the Birmingham conference as well.

For both conferences, despite some hiccups such as the venue not turning out as expected and certain logistics not appearing in time, all participants still said it was “the best conference they’ve ever been to.” As long as you come with a genuine spirit and a true sense of connection to make it the best experience for all participants, people feel your sincerity and leave with magical memories.

I am proud to say that I forged strong connections and friendships with every single participant who attended all the conferences I had the privilege to organise.