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The Giving Plan is a conversion asset that aims to capture more high quality leads and increase the conversion percentage between sales qualified leads to actual members.

I wrote the contents of the giving plan survey, set it up on Typeform, and designed the back-end systems to effectively manage the leads coming in from this asset (such as setting up alerts, designing the excel sheets that captured data, and designing the leads management sheet). I also wrote the contents of the actual giving plan that would be issued to these leads, and trained the sales team on how to effectively use this giving plan template to produce a high volume of giving plans.

Apart from the actual execution and operations of the giving plan, I also oversaw the promotion efforts of the giving plan. We initially promoted it via paid social ads, but realised that it was a bottom-of-funnel asset that didn’t work so well with cold leads. We then pivoted the promotion strategy to introduce the giving plan at various bottom-of-funnel stages such as the ‘payment page’ and after selected blog pieces to increase the likelihood of warmer leads viewing the Giving Plan and thus converting into members. The Giving Plan itself holds a conversion rate of close to 60% (people who submit a giving plan request eventually signing up as members).

*Note: The Giving Plan landing page and actual survey contents have been modified since I left B1G1.