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Every year, B1G1 would celebrate its birthday by partaking in some voluntary work.

When I joined B1G1 as an intern in 2013, I proposed to celebrate their birthday in a way that would involve their global community instead, simultaneously raising more giving for the projects they supported.

I created a pitch deck that proposed to inflate 6 balloons every time someone gave through B1G1 during the company‚Äôs birthday week, consequently named the Joy of Giving Week. The team accepted the idea and got into motion to execute the campaign. The week’s progress was documented via videos and shared on the company’s social media channels (Youtube, Facebook and emails). Ultimately, Joy of Giving week resulted in a 60% increase in giving amounts in that week alone (compared to the average giving amounts).

Joy of Giving Week has since become a yearly campaign for B1G1, and I managed the Joy of Giving Week campaign again in 2016 with a team of interns, which resulted in the provision of 66 bicycles to students in need in Cambodia in that week alone.