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Paul Dunn is a highly respected and reputable international business speaker and mentor. He is also B1G1’s chairman. I proposed to ride on his digital reputation and search rank power in order to capture more marketing qualified leads through an automated webinar sales funnel.

Based on past data, we knew that the highest conversion rates came from Paul’s offline events where he spoke about creating an extraordinary business and invited business owners to join B1G1. I aimed to recreate this offline experience in the digital space through an automated webinar.

I set up the webinar on webinarjam, created and wrote the automated email nurturing contents to encourage people to join B1G1 after registering for the webinar and reading some of B1G1’s blog contents. I also designed the landing page for Paul Dunn Online and curated blog contents to raise the organic traffic for the page. This webinar initiative saw a 20% conversion rate of people joining B1G1 after registering for the webinar, the most promising conversion rate out of any digital sales conversion initiative by B1G1 in the past (my primary role in the company was to discover a working conversion funnel that could provide sustainable membership registration, as previous digital efforts did not show much results).

From the promising results, I then worked to increase the traffic and leads leading to the webinar, by promoting the webinar via banners on the main website and through content promotion strategies.